Star Blazers


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  Star Blazers has been one of my all time favorite cartoons when I was growing up.  I'm not sure why, god knows there are plenty of other japanese anime out there far more appealing, but I just found it to reflect a lot of what I have in common with it.  Although the later episodes were not done as well as they could have been, the earlyier episodes make up for it.  The picture on the left is one of the later episodes where Nova was shot by one of Deslock's men, with Wildstar holding her, and Queen Starsha looking from behind.

Well, for those of you wondering where I got my original name for the globe, it is here.  I wanted the name Wildstar, but of course, someone else beat me to it, so I settled for Wildstr.  Wildstar is the main character in this Japanese Anime, and sticks it out through thick and thin throughout the journeys.  Not to mention he had a very gorgeous women by his side. 



Desslok's Diary(Hilarious if you're very familiar with the episodes.
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