Frank Thompson
13220 Meadow Glen Lane
Colorado Springs, CO 80908
Home: (719) 488-2678

Objective: A Web Scripting/Sys admin position in a challenging, team oriented environment where I can put my experience and education to use and grow to benefit both the team and the corporation.

Digital Design: Very comfortable with digital designing and building, and with computer digital designing. Extremely knowledgeable in computer aided tool programs.
Computer Operating Systems: Unix(Solaris 8 to 10), Linux(Red Hat 9 - Fedora 6), Windows(98, NT, XP)
Computer Software:
Unix Shells
CM Tools
Window Tools
Paint Shop Pro
Microsoft Office Suite
Circuit Maker Pro
Unix Tools

Business Works
Networking: Personal experience running a network from home(internal and external). Created web servers at home( and on the job for various tasks.
Involved Projects: Generating Web Reports: Generating HTML code using Perl and Javascript to take user data and pass it to various systems for queries and reports.
  YBMM Senior Project: This was a project that the University undertook to design and build a device to perform tasks of up to 25 feet underground. My role was help in design, and provide a website of the project for both the students and faculty to be able to get all information and updates about the project.
  12 Bit CPU: Designed and simulated a 12 bit CPU using Circuit Maker Pro
  Point of Sales System: Writing ordering system for restaurant with display screens and printout
  CM Coordinator for Data Warehousing: Code integrity and automation scripts for building and deploying.
  Server Web Administration(SWA): Web Tool for monitoring, starting, stopping, log tracking all projects.
  Load Validation: Automated server(s) validation and email alerts with summary report when problems arise for all projects.
  Gecko: GUI tool for building and deploying specific versions of software with a click of a button.

       Master's of Business Administration - Colorado Technical University
             Projected Graduation: March 2008
       Master's of Science - Computer Science, focus in Network Security at Colorado Technical University
             Graduated: September 2004
       Bachelor's of Science - Electrical Engineering at Colorado Technical University
             Graduated: March 2000
       Clinical Hypnotherapy Degree at Hypnotherapy Training Institute
             Graduated: September 2000

      Federal Express
Position: Sr. Engineer
From: July 27, 1998 to present
Job Description: Provide CM documentation and support on all project work, maintain interactive web pages for researching, controlling systems, and requesting kit builds and/or loads of those kits, code and script debugging, and writing monitoring tools to provide informative messages when systems show early signs of potential issues.
      The Margarita's
Position: Float
From: October 15, 1996 to present
Job Description: Opening, Ordering, preparing lunch courses, bartending, running A/V equipment for movies. Maintain ordering system and website.
      Old Chicago
Position: Everything
From: July 21, 1992 to January 1, 1999
Job Description: Opening and Closing Cook, Waiter, Busser, Disher, and Supervisor
      Steven's Transport
Position: Over the road Driver
From: November 14, 1995 to October 1, 1996
Job Description: Keeping logs, Loading/Unloading trailer, Route planning

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