Candle Makings

Okay, so why do I like candle making so much for? Very good question indeed. Well, there are several uses for candles outside of just lighting one and watching it burn down. One of the biggest uses I've found is making candles for massage and hypnotherpay purposes.

On the massage side, candles can be scented with several different oils to produce effects in the body to make a massage truly enjoyable(not that they aren't already, but the more, the better). See my Aromatherapy page for more on mixing of oils.

For Hypnotherapy, it's amazing the power of a candle light to help someone focus, and fall into a very relaxed state. Think about a time where you have, if you have, stared at the candle light that was burning on top of some kind of candle. Just something about that light looks peaceful and inviting, and proves to be very very effective helping people reach deeper levels of relaxation.

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