Favorite Actresses

Leick Hudson

Well, here's my first TV crush... I found that her looks, as well as the character she played on Xena were something that had me watchin the show everyday just to see her in action(if she was on). Otherwise, I always just turned the TV off and did something productive.. NOT

For those of you that don't know about her character, she played one of Xena's arch enemy, who eventually became a God, ok, a Goddess, and then was removed from the show. ~Poutz~ She always had this evil nature that anything she did, she always acted like it was just a misunderstanding, and that she was going to make everything right, in her own way.

Denise Richards

Well, then there's Denise Richards... First saw her in "Wild Things". Even though her character in that movie was a little devious, I think I find her looks to be what I like about her. This picture is one that was published in the Maxim magazine in the middle of 2001. Something about this picture still captivates me to this day.

I haven't figured Denise out yet... She likes dark pictures, as well as light ones, and I would have expected hair styles of all shapes and sizes, but that isn't the case here. Speaking of another movie she was in, how about 007, Tomorrow Never Dies?? A Nuclear Scientist?? I hope someone else agrees with me that that was just a little too overboard for her character. But she did have her scenes.. =)

Sandra Bullock

Hmmmmm, first time I saw Sandra was in "Love Potion #9"... I dunno, to me it seems like between her and Julia Roberts, there's something I don't like about Julia, but found that Sandra had something about her that I really really liked. And even though she has kept her looks all through the years(and does it show in Miss Congeniality), I still liked her character in Love Potion #9... And no, it wasn't because she liked monkeys.

Something you'll probably get a kick out of is the fact that I didn't know that Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts were two different people. Yes, I know, you're saying to yourself, how could I not have been able to tell the difference, but believe me, when "Speed" and "Sleeping with the Enemy" came out, I had a hard time distinguishing.. Although I am clear about it today, I am still looking back and asking myself how I couldn't tell..

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