Electric Vehicle(EV) Project

My Electric Vehicle knowledge is based on just reading, but I am in the process of working on a conversion of a 87 Nissan Pulsar into an electric vehicle. I will have some pictures up soon of the overall process and description, but for now, I need to take the pictures.

My plans for now are to install a 500 hp AC electric motor into the car, and hopefully use fuel cells to power it, cause unfortunately, that much hp sucks up a lot of AMP's and I would drag race for about a minute before I would lose all power. So I'm hoping to get my hands on some fuel cells before too long.

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Well, you can see that the car is an 87 Nissan Pulsar, gold color.  I got it at an auction here in town for 450 dollars.  Could have been only 250, but the popularity of it, I got out bided everytime up to that point.  The problem with the car then was that someone had tried to rebuild the engine, and after only getting half-way into it, gave up and wanted to get rid of it.  It had no body damage, and half the engine was in the back of the car, and the other half was up front.  Let me put it to you this way, I could see the pistons and the chambers under the hood. 


Well, the fun of doing an E.V. conversion, you get to take out all the combustion engine parts.  This includes:

The picture on the left is of the engine compartment stripped down to the basic components of the transmission, and the axle.  The power brake system is still left in tact in the upper right corner just incase we can manage to fit it in.  The picture on the right is an inside shot of the transmission.  Notice the only thing left is the actual shaft for turning the wheel.  At the time now, I am not sure whether the manual gears will come into play or not.  Love to hear some feedback if you have any. 

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Well, the only thing against this conversion, and I am not sure yet whether it is a good thing or a bad thing yet, but all the electrics.  I pulled about 40 lbs. of electric wires out of the car.  The picture on the left is of the dash of the car stripped down to the firewall.  In order to remove all the wiring, this had to be done, unfortunately, there is no telling how long it will take me to run new wire, so hopefully when I get the wire run, I will remember how to reassemble the dash.  The picture on the right is of all the wire.  There are three parts to it, one is the outside engine compartment, one is of the dash setup, and the other is not there, but it is the wire from the dash, back to the rear lights.  The lights running back are already wired properly due to the fact that there is nothing back there but the brake, turn signals, license plate, and parking lights.

 Just a rear picture, I'll be adding more here when I get them in.


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